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Tata Digital launches super app ?

Ramya M benakanahalli
In the present global situation, 6.83% of mobile users download the applications from the play store app. This report was taken from statista.com We knew that Tata is the largest corporate sector and provides unique...
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How did Kodak drop its business in the market?

Ramya M benakanahalli
With the latest technology and revolutionary changes in the technology, Kodak had missed its opportunities in digital photography. Due to newly invented technologies, the business of Kodak had to decline its sales in the market...
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Worlds fastest train now in China, ahead of Japan

Ramya M benakanahalli
China, a city of high-tech architecture. Citizens of China always think about going on adventures and building high-tech cities. They give more importance to architecture, technology, manufacturing industries, temples, and so on. China is the...
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Pandemic brought in technological innovation in Masjid-al-Haram in Mecca

Saudi Arabia, officially called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an absolute monarchy. According to the Basic Law of Saudi Arabia, the king must follow Sharia (Islamic law) and the Quran, while Quran and the...