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Business & Economy

Impact of covid and coping up – European countries vs. Asian countries

The covid- 19 virus has affected all of us greatly globally. As we all know, the corona virus is desperately after our health; and unfortunately a similar case is with the economies; they got quite...
Science & Technology

Space camera of 3.2 billion pixels captures the largest photo

Ramya M benakanahalli
The 3.2 billion pixel cameras are being used by space scientists to capture the largest photo ever. The space scientists planned to use an SUV-sized camera to take huge, sweeping pictures of the southern sky...

Advantages of opting IB diploma programme after 10th grade

Have you ever heard about IB, International Baccalaureate ? This is a high school diploma that teaches us about critical and independent thoughts. It is categorized as A-Levels or advanced placement program, which is recognized...

National Institute of open schooling tends to be online from 2022

Recently, New Delhi has reported on the introduction of India’s first education board, NIOS, which is going to commence from 2022 as a board exam online. Due to the bad hit of the pandemic personal...
Business & Economy

The Parliament of Sri Lanka approves the state emergency as it runs out of food and forex reserves

he Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksha declared the emergency alert on August 30th, 2021. The reason behind this decision is to control the food prices and to prevent hoarding amid shortages of a few staples....
Business & Economy

After Toyota, Harley Davidson Now Ford also stopped Manufacturing in India

Recently we read the news regarding the Toyota Motor corp had stopped its expansion in India. Because of the country’s high rate of the tax regime, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to lure the global...
Business & Economy

Amazon’s victory in the battle against Mukesh Ambani in future group deal.

Indian based companies Reliance retail and Future groups had made a deal in 2019 according to which Reliance industries were to acquire Future retail group for $3.4 billion. Amazon, which holds 49% stake in Future...