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Impact of covid and coping up – European countries vs. Asian countries

The covid- 19 virus has affected all of us greatly globally. As we all know, the corona virus is desperately after our health; and unfortunately a similar case is with the economies; they got quite...

Delta Variant a new threat to our economy?

During this ongoing pandemic we witnessed various COVID variants like Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. But Delta variant spotted in India initially proved to be the most transmissible one among all of them. As per...
Business & Economy

Government announces privatization of public sector banks as a part of disinvestment drive.

Aishwarya Shivakumar
Earlier this month during the presentation of the Budget for the year 2021-22 Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister announced the privatization of public sector banks. According to the reports Rs.1.75 crores has been budgeted by...