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China’s “Artificial Sun”, 5times more powerful than the real sun.

China, also called the People’s Republic of China, is a country in East Asia. It is bordered by 14 different countries. Beijing is the capital of the country, Shanghai is the financial hub of the...
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Preparation of Article 370 – China began complaining about military infrastructure near Ladakh

In recent days some of the other matters concerning China have become gossip and controversy. With continuation to this, China this time stuck into Article 370 controversy. This time China started complaining about military infrastructure...
Science & Technology

Worlds fastest train now in China, ahead of Japan

Ramya M benakanahalli
China, a city of high-tech architecture. Citizens of China always think about going on adventures and building high-tech cities. They give more importance to architecture, technology, manufacturing industries, temples, and so on. China is the...