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Saudi Arabia filled with snow since New Year.

Saudi Arabia, officially called as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia with its capital Riyadh which is also the largest city in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a place where you experience high temperature during the day, cold weather during the night and very low annual rainfall. It is said to have a desert like climate almost during the entire year.

Tabuk, the capital city of the Tabuk region in the North Western part of Saudi Arabia. In Tabuk, summers are long, humid, parched and clear and the winters are short, cold, dry and mostly clear. With this kind of weather conditions, Tabuk has been experiencing Snowfall since New Year which is a rare sight for the Arabians. The Government news agency of Saudi Arabia SAP had posted the snow filled pictures of various regions of Tabuk. Also the videos of the Arabians enjoying the snowfall has become viral over social media. They are expressing their happiness and joy of a rare weather condition which they all experienced last in the year 2018 when the locals and tourists enjoyed the weather through various snow activities.

The peak of Jabal Al Lawz which is famous for almond trees has been covered with snow since Saturday and many other mountains too. The weather conditions are going to continue until Monday in some regions according to the reports of National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). The places which NCM forecasted moderate to heavy rainfalls are Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Eastern Province, Al Baha, Asir, Jazan, Al-Qassim, Tabuk, Al Jouf and Hail.

Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defence warned the tourists and the locals to be cautious due to low visibility and there are also chances of heavy rains and thunderstorms in the coming days.

As a result of the unusual snowfall in Tabuk region, many tourists have landed to enjoy the cold weather in a deserted climate region. The roads are filled with hundreds of cars and the possibility of traffic congestion is likely to increase. Locals are using the social media platform to inform the tourists to be aware of the conditions in Tabuk region as the snowfall and thunderstorms are increasing on one hand while the traffic is also increasing on the other. The NCM has already warned people to clear a few areas in Tabuk region due to low visibility. Tourists usually visit Tabuk and other areas in Saudi Arabia to see the archeological sites and pilgrimage sites but this year the tourists wish to visit these places for a different reason.

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