Pakistan- Balochistan- Army base in Pakistan under attack

Two security posts were attacked in the Panjgur and Noshki districts in the Balochistan province of Pakistan on the 2nd of February. This has led to violent clashes between Pakistan’s armed forces and a few armed assailants.

 The exchange of bullets took place when the armed assailants tried to attack and infiltrate two security posts in that region. In the intense clashes among them, four terrorists are dead, one soldier passed away and one soldier was wounded severely according to military media wing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

“Both attacks were successfully repulsed, inflicting heavy casualties on terrorists” according to military media wing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

Later the Baloch liberation army which was banned long ago claimed for these attacks in a post on Twitter.

Recently there was a lot of chaos in Balochistan due to the Balochistan liberation army(BLA). Two minor groups(Balochistan republican army and united Balochistan) with the same motive merged together and formed BLA.

After a few days, security posts were bombed by armed fighters which have led to the death of 10 soldiers in the ‘kech’ region of Balochistan.This has led to a dreadful situation relative to the first attack.

Of the 10 soldiers, 3 of them belong to Levies force personnel and tribal leader of Bugti, and the remaining were injured in the following bomb blast on January 28th. But on January 30, heavy casualties occurred leading to injuring at least 17 people including two policemen.

These fighters are raising their guns to gain freedom from Pakistan.

Pakistanis authorities have said that they have tried a force to an uprising of BLA, but it is still being continued.

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan and also consists of China-Pakistan economic corridor. It plays a vital role in providing income to the federal government as it contains natural resources like oil, gold, silver, and gas reserves. Apart from that, it consists of the only deep seaport of the entire Pakistan. In addition, 62% of the rural people in Balochistan live below the poverty line with no access to food, shelter, and electricity.

In this region due to the brutalities of state governance, people are demanding freedom. Since then Pakistan’s policy of kill and dump became famous. The people especially journalists or doctors are kidnapped by police or military and then are tortured or killed by them as stated by the International Forum for rights and security.

People there are charged with sedition and are killed in an encounter by the authorities. This has been acknowledged by the Human rights commission of Pakistan(HRCP) and titled ” Balochistan still neglected” in its report. As reported by HRCP, people are killed and the bodies of suspected Baloch people are disposed off.


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