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Indian Campa Cola back in the market?

What if you’re told that things from the late 70s are coming back? Our once nearly disappeared favourite products are coming back? Well, part of this seems to be true; the sensational and much loved drink, Campa Cola, is making a big bang with its comeback in 2022!

Before going over the new features, let’s take a look at Campa Cola’s history; where it goes way back to the 20th century.


In 1977, Coca cola was kicked out from India by the government for several reasons. But it was not the end of India’s soft drinks era. Right when the country was in need of such a drink, this is when Campa Cola was born. As called, it is indeed “the desi drink” that truly tantalized taste buds and left everyone asking for more.

Though everything seemed to be going smooth and favourable for Campa Cola, that is when the competition in the soda market got fizzier. The two main rivalries, Pepsi and Thums Up made their entries and started giving Campa Cola a tough time. Due to this, the popularity declined. Campa Cola’s major manufacturing plants and offices in Delhi closed in 2000. As a result, this brand has been available very limitedly only in a few grocery stores nationwide. Since then, it unfortunately lost its fame. But now, things are about to change.

The Revival

Now that we have explored the past of Campa Cola, we clearly know how big the brand was. Let’s take a look at the present state of this drink. First of all, this drink is coming back as a result of the Reliance Industries’ bid in order to expand its FMCG business. In addition, there lies another reason behind this action: “The objective of this business is to develop and deliver high quality, affordable products which solve every Indian’s daily needs”, says Ambani regarding their recent launch of the fast-moving consumer goods business. That being said, these thirst-quenching drinks will be sold country wide in Reliance Industries’ retail stores as well as locally owned kirana stores. So, you can buy it wherever you want pretty soon enough!

Not only that, but Campa Cola will be available in three exciting flavours: the classic cola flavour in addition to lemon and orange variants. Yummy, right?

The Future: Problems?

Though the major production of Campa Cola seems pretty exciting, it is the inevitable truth that this beverage will have to tackle the coming obstacles and hurdles, big time. One of the biggest issues is the competition in the market; heavy competitors such as Thums up and Pepsi still exist, so this pressure from the competitors still persists. As a matter of fact, these are the drinks that obliged Campa Cola to lose its popularity decades ago in the first place. Therefore, it will not be easy to handle.

Next, there is still a problem about the product itself, as it comes in quite ordinary flavours. Frankly speaking, there is nothing much new about the flavours themselves. So this may not seem as exciting and stand out to the audience out there.

Lastly, coming into the limelight again may take some time. Until then, it looks like there will not be much demand, unless there are incredible marketing and advertising strategies. We will have to wait and watch for those!

Though the problems still exist, that is not something for us as public to worry about. Let us enjoy and celebrate the huge comeback of our desi drink by drinking the drink itself!

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