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USA warns India on Russia’s economic policy

On Thursday US warned countries who didn’t follow American sanctions against Russia about consequences. Quoting as “circumvent other backfill” against their sanctions against Moscow for invasion of Ukraine will face consequences. They particularly mentioned India for its import of energy (oil and petroleum) and other stuff from Russia.

US deputy national security adviser Daleep Singh, visited India recently. In his visit he stated the no-limit relationship which is shared between Russia and India would harm them. That is if China chooses to violate the Line of Actual Control (LAC), they can’t expect help from Russia.
Also in his visit, Daleep Singh held a series of meetings with Indian higher officials including Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, clearly stating that the US doesn’t want any countries which are in relationship with the Russian central bank. They also added that they are not totally against transactions from Russia, but they just want to warn how unreliable these transactions are. His comment came right after the 2 day visit from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Discussing bilateral transactions with rouble-rupee payment mechanism. Clearly going against the US sanctions since their main aim was to stop all Russia import and export.By this new mechanism of rouble-rupee, India would be able to buy energy at less price than it used to be.

“We would not like to see mechanisms that are designed to prop up the rouble or to undermine the dollar-based financial system or to circumvent our financial sanctions,” US deputy NSA added to the press. He also mentioned that the US is ready to stand with India both for energy resources along with security from other countries.

He also added that they are fighting for the freedom of people suffering in Ukraine and that is why the sanctions have been imposed and countries who circumvent these sanctions would face consequences.
“If you set that against the reality that China and Russia have now declared a no limits partnership, and that Russia has said that China is its most important strategic partner, by extension, that has real implications for India,” Mr Singh said.
China is constantly trying to expand it’s boundaries since ages. In the past they also tried to expand further in India too, but India had its support from Russia. Maybe not this time.

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